Aviso Legal

  1. Purpose

This Legal Disclaimer regulates the use of GLOBAL INCAHUASI, S.L.’s website, which can be found at www.parkandpalace.es  (hereinafter, the “website”) and which is the property of GLOBAL INCAHUASI, S.L.

Pursuant to the contents of Spanish Act 34 of 11 July 2002, on Information Society Services and Electronic Trading, you are hereby informed that GLOBAL INCAHUASI, S.L.’s details are as follows:

  • REGISTERED OFFICE: Calle Génova 15 – 3, Madrid.
  • EMAIL:
  • REGISTRY DETAILS: Entered at Madrid Company Registry …


This website has been created to provide all Internet users with information on and general access to the various activities and services engaged in by GLOBAL INCAHUASI, S.L.

Navigation around the website or its use in any way confers the status of user and implies full and unreserved acceptance of this Legal Disclaimer.

Through its website, GLOBAL INCAHUASI, S.L. offers users access to a range of content which is made available by GLOBAL INCAHUASI, S.L. or by third party service and content providers. All users voluntarily accept that they make use of such services and contents at their sole and exclusive risk.

GLOBAL INCAHUASI, S.L. reserves the right to modify the presentation, layout or contents of both the website and this Legal Disclaimer, unilaterally, at any time and without prior notice. Notice of any such modification shall be understood to have been validly given from the moment at which it is published on the website.


  1. User’s obligations

Users of the website undertake to use its content sensibly, correctly, lawfully and in accordance with both the law and this Legal Disclaimer. In particular, users hereby undertake not to use the content for purposes that contravene the law, moral rectitude or public order. They also undertake not to reproduce, copy, distribute, allow public access to, transform or modify any of the website’s contents using any medium, whether physical or digital, unless they have received express authorisation from GLOBAL INCAHUASI, S.L. or, where applicable, from the legitimate owner of the rights pertaining to the content in question, and they shall assume the relevant liability for any conduct or action that may infringe or harm the rights of third parties or that may prejudice, interfere with or restrict the use of this website by other users.

Users furthermore undertake not to use the design or source code from the pages of the website for purposes that contravene the law, moral rectitude or public order.

Users shall be liable for any kind of damage that GLOBAL INCAHUASI, S.L. may suffer, directly or indirectly, as a consequence of any failure to comply with the legislation in force or any of the obligations that result from the use of this website.


  1. Intellectual Property

Unless expressly stated otherwise, the content, text, photos, designs, logos, images, sounds, videos, animations, recordings and computer programmes found on the website, along with its source codes, design and navigational structure and, in general, any intellectual creation included therein, including the website itself as a complete work of multimedia art, are the property of GLOBAL INCAHUASI, S.L. Any improper use of the foregoing items in the marketplace shall constitute an infringement of the rights afforded by their registration and shall be pursued in the manner provided for in law.

The source code, design and navigational structure of the website is also the property of GLOBAL INCAHUASI, S.L. GLOBAL INCAHUASI, S.L. has an exclusive right to exploit the aforementioned items in any way, particularly the rights of reproduction, distribution, public broadcast and transformation. All of this material is protected under intellectual property law, and any improper use thereof could be subject to penalties, which may include criminal actions.

Users are expressly authorised by GLOBAL INCAHUASI, S.L. to view, print, copy or store the protected intellectual creations and any other content or item (regardless of whether they are covered by an exclusive right) on their hard drives or other physical media, with the exception of the computer programmes, provided that they are stored for the user’s personal, private and non-commercial use, without any intention to distribute, and provided that the content in question is not modified, altered or decompiled. It is understood that such personal use shall be permitted so long as the copyright and intellectual property notices set out herein remain intact, and it is further understood that such use does not imply the grant of a licence of any kind to the user.

Any other use of the intellectual creations or content displayed on the website shall require express written authorisation from GLOBAL INCAHUASI, S.L.

The consultation or downloading of the contents of the website or software shall not imply the granting of any intellectual property right thereover.

Users of the website undertake to respect the aforementioned rights and to avoid behaving in any way that may cause them harm. GLOBAL INCAHUASI, S.L. hereby reserves the right in all cases to take the relevant measures or legal actions required to defend its legitimate intellectual property rights.

  1. Intellectual Property belonging to web partners

Ownership of the copyright to any articles, theses, doctrinal works or other items on which GLOBAL INCAHUASI, S.L. has collaborated shall correspond to the author. They are posted on this website by GLOBAL INCAHUASI, S.L. for non-commercial purposes, in accordance with the conditions set out in this Legal Disclaimer.

  1. Links

The purpose of the links included on this website is to allow users to visit websites that are independent from www.parkandpalace.es  They are only included in order to assist and encourage access to other Internet sources that offer information on the commercial sector and other related areas. Links are offered without any desire to obtain commercial profit.

GLOBAL INCAHUASI, S.L. shall not be held responsible for any content accessed via these links, or for any changes to which they may be subject, or for any use that may be made of them, or for their technical availability, nor does it guarantee that they are free from viruses or other elements that could result in alterations to users’ IT systems (whether hardware or software), documents or files, and it shall not accept any liability for damage of any kind that may be caused to users in this regard.

Nevertheless, GLOBAL INCAHUASI, S.L. undertakes to make every possible effort to ensure that its website does not include links to sites that display illegal content, encourage unlawful, racist or xenophobic activities or, in general, violate the principles of freedom and human dignity or contravene the values and rights recognised under the Spanish Constitution and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. In the event that it is effectively made aware of the fact that the information reached via a particular link is unlawful, GLOBAL INCAHUASI, S.L. undertakes to act with all due care to eliminate or deactivate the link in question. In the event that the owner of a website believes that a link appearing on this site in any way contravenes its rights or causes it the slightest harm, it merely has to report this by sending an email to spain.lopd@parkandpalace.es or submitting any other form of communication, safe in the knowledge that the link will be taken down immediately or modified in a way that will satisfy the reporting party, without the need for any further process or explanation from the said party.

  1. Cookies

This website may use cookies. Cookies are small data files that are generated on the basis of the instructions sent by web servers to browser programmes, and they are stored in a specific directory on the user’s own computer.

They are used for the purposes of personalising the pages you use on the website but are never used to store data of a personal nature. You may set your browser to reject them or to notify you when a website is attempting to plant a cookie in your browser software. If you do not accept cookies, this may affect your ability to use the search engines on our website.

  1. Exemption from liability

While GLOBAL INCAHUASI, S.L. will attempt to offer users of its website the most complete, useful and up-to-date information possible, it cannot guarantee the truth, accuracy, currency or effectiveness of the website’s contents and services, and it therefore expressly states herein that it shall not accept liability for any potential damage that users may suffer as the result of incomplete, inaccurate or out-of-date information, or due to the potential suspension, cancellation or ineffectiveness of the website’s contents or services. Users should be aware that, in all cases, they use the contents and services offered on this website at their own risk and at their sole and exclusive liability, and the company shall not be liable for the effective operation or availability of the said contents and services.

However, GLOBAL INCAHUASI, S.L. thanks users in advance for any suggestion, correction or observation they may wish to contribute in order to prevent or correct any kind of incident or anomaly as quickly and efficiently as possible. If the anomaly observed is technical in nature, communications may be sent by email to spain.lopd@parkandpalace.es.

  1. Modification and termination of services

Although, in principle, the duration of this website is unlimited, GLOBAL INCAHUASI, S.L. reserves the right to modify, suspend or terminate the offer of its services and contents, either wholly or in part, at any time and without the need to provide users with advance notice thereof.

GLOBAL INCAHUASI, S.L. may also modify the terms and conditions for the use of this website at any time.

  1. Valid term of this Legal Disclaimer

This Legal Disclaimer shall remain in force indefinitely. However, GLOBAL INCAHUASI, S.L. may modify its contents at any time, in order to adapt them to any future legislative or technological changes. Notice of any such modifications shall be understood to be validly given from the moment at which they are published on the website, and they shall take valid effect from that time.

  1. Privacy Policy and data protection

Pursuant to the contents of Spanish Data Protection Act 15/1999, GLOBAL INCAHUASI, S.L. hereby informs users that any personal data supplied using the forms provided on this website or in email messages shall be included in a client file and digitally processed.

Submitting any of the forms supplied on this website shall imply that the user expressly consents to his or her data being included in the aforementioned file and to the forwarding of any personal data provided to companies belonging to the same group as or associated with GLOBAL INCAHUASI, S.L.

The purpose of this file is to send information relating to the company’s business or to complete the process for which the personal data was originally collected.

If you wish to exercise your rights of access, correction, cancellation and objection, you may send an email to spain.lopd@parkandpalace.es or write to GLOBAL INCAHUASI, S.L. at its registered office at Calle Génova 15-3, Madrid.

  1. Applicable law and jurisdiction

This Legal Disclaimer shall be governed and interpreted in accordance with Spanish law. Any dispute relating to this website or any other matter contained in this Legal Disclaimer shall be heard by the Spanish courts, and the parties hereby submit to the Courts and Tribunals of Madrid (Spain) and their hierarchically superior bodies, waiving any other jurisdictional right to which they may be entitled.

The simplest and most efficient way of seeking clarification or submitting any kind of complaint, suggestion or observation is to send an email to spain.lopd@parkandpalace.es.