Each apartment is carefully planned and designed to ensure that light and space play a key role in making your apartment the home you have always dreamed of.

Each property is a true visual delight, boasting a contemporary yet highly practical design that will ensure your maximum comfort.

Park&Palace are offering 1,2 and 3 bed apartments, as well as 2 and 3 bed penthouse apartments, perfectly tailored to suit your lifestyle, with each boasting a terrace and spectacular views out over the city.

Built using only the highest quality materials, the layout of each apartment has been meticulously mapped out to offer spacious rooms where you can spend quality time with your family, and others which are perfect for those moments when you want to unwind. Both aesthetically pleasing and practical, our apartments ensure that every single moment is defined by comfort.

Your dreams start here.


Park&Palace’s design is based on three key principles: luxury, comfort and enjoyment.

Each apartment has stunning views out over the beautiful surroundings. Every detail throughout the entire residence has been carefully considered and designed to create special memories.

Park&Palace is living proof that life in a busy city centre is still perfectly compatible with an extraordinarily luxurious and peaceful daily lifestyle.

Find the home of your dreams in the heart of Madrid, your personal urban oasis in the middle of a capital city, a unique retreat away from the hustle and bustle.


The residence offers infinite opportunities to truly enjoy your daily life. Spend a perfect morning of shopping strolling along Gran Vía, delight in the most successful musicals of Madrid’s very own Broadway, be captivated time and time again by the unforgettable sunset at the Sabatini Gardens or simply relax in the numerous parks around the city, where you can chat to friends or take your dog for a long walk.


Park&Palace se ha diseñado en torno a tres conceptos clave: exclusividad, comodidad y disfrute.

Cada vivienda se asoma de forma privilegiada a su entorno incomparable. Los detalles son una constante en todas las estancias del residencial, pensados para crear momentos especiales.

Park&Palace demuestra que vivir en el centro de una ciudad es perfectamente compatible con un día a día de extraordinaria comodidad y tranquilidad.

Encuentra en el centro de Madrid la casa de tus sueños, un oasis urbano en medio de la gran ciudad, ubicado en un entorno único y alejado del bullicio.


Park&Palace will be constructed with only the finest quality materials. Every aspect of the details and finishings has been meticulously considered, from the interior walls and internal cladding of the apartments to the choice of designer yet practical kitchen furniture.

The bathrooms boast the latest and finest quality fixtures in white-glazed porcelain, with dual flush toilets to help save on water.

Each terrace will feature high-end timber flooring.

At Park&Palace, our designs aim to improve the well-being of you and your family.

*The areas shown and described in this plan and its legend are approximate and will be finalised during construction. Apartments will only be delivered with the furnishings and electrical appliances outlined in the building specifications. The kitchen furniture and bathroom layout could vary slightly in the final assembly. This plan is subject to potential technical modifications. Non contractual and purely illustrative images are subject to technical modifications. All information and handover of documentation will be completed according to the principles outlined in Royal Decree 515/1989 and any laws which may compliment it, whether they be at a state or autonomous level.